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Shocking Ways You’re Destroying Your Joints | Dr Christopher Meckel, MD
Articles Shocking Ways You’re Destroying Your Joints

Shocking Ways You’re Destroying Your Joints

knee joint replacement surgeryLast year, American surgeons performed 719,000 knee replacement surgeries, and doctors project the number of joint replacement surgeries will climb to an average of 3.48 million per year by 2030. Knee joint replacement surgery and hip joint replacement surgery are no joke, and there are some surprising things you may be doing every day to exacerbate joint pain and ultimately make these procedures necessary. How are you wreaking havoc on your joints?

You Chew Gum Non-Stop
There are lots of reasons people do it. Some people take up obsessive gum-chewing when they quit smoking, some people want fresh breath, and others simply cannot sit still. Whatever your reasons, you need to realize your jaw is a joint, too. “The temporomandibular — the technical name for the jaw joint — works like a complex hinge, which can also slide back and forth,” The Daily Mail explains. Chewing too much gum can ultimately cause stiffness, pain, dizziness, and even chronic migraines.

You Play Sports That Isolate Muscle Groups
“Roller girls are striding out so much with their outer leg muscles, but we aren’t necessarily working our inner knees,” derby girl Rachel Piplica, tells Web MD. “I remember when I would run for exercise, my calves and shins would hurt so bad.” In other words, Piplica, 27, learned the hard way that muscle groups need balance. If you roller skate or run for exercise, for instance, ask your doctor about ways you can cross-train to exercise all muscles (and avoiding putting too much strain on any one muscle group).

You’re A Mom
Before it comes to prep for surgery, prep before surgery, and/or things like knee joint replacement surgery and shoulder joint replacement surgery, know the risk factors. Know that pregnancy can easily take its toll on your joints, and ask a doctor about exercises to help after giving birth.

In 2013, 332,000 Americans had hip joint replacement surgery. You don’t have to be next. Reconsider seemingly innocent actions like chewing gum, make sure to exercise all muscle groups, and know that things like being a mom put you at greater risk.

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