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Do You Suffer From Joint Pain? These Strange Tricks Might Help | Dr Christopher Meckel, MD
Articles Do You Suffer From Joint Pain? These Strange Tricks Might Help

Do You Suffer From Joint Pain? These Strange Tricks Might Help

knee joint replacement surgeryJust last year, there were up to 719,000 knee replacement surgeries in the U.S., and another 332,000 hip replacement surgeries! In other words, joint pain is a big deal, and millions of Americans suffer with varying degrees of joint pain every single day. Luckily, there are some strange tricks to relieve joint pain — and without even leaving your home.

It’s A Party!
Well, sort of. Eating vodka-soaked watermelon or drinking your favorite craft beer isn’t going to help, but indulging in gin-soaked raisins might. “There are anti-inflammatory compounds in the raisins and in the juniper berries that are used to make gin,” a healthcare expert explains. For now, researchers are still investigating this particular method of relieving joint and arthritis pain. If you want to give it a try anyway, Everyday Healthrecommends soaking the raisins in gin for up to a week and eating 10 gin-soaked raisins per day to help keep pain at bay.

Can Bee Stings Be A Good Thing?
Once again, scientists are still trying to explain exactly how this one works. In theory, however, bee stings may reduce inflammation. Beekeepers are adamant about this treatment, boasting that it vastly curbs any joint pain.

Is It Time To Hit The Green?
“This fresh-air activity combines walking with gentle range of motion movements, improving your balance and coordination as you play,” Everyday Health writes. Not only will golf help relieve joint pain, you can also purchase special gloves and clubs that will make it less strenuous on your joints in the meantime. 

Doctors warn, however, that none of these methods are a replacement for things like elbow joint replacement surgery, knee joint replacement surgery, or shoulder joint replacement surgery. Ninety percent of U.S. men and women report a dramatic increase in their quality of life after surgery. Carefully consider prep before surgery and knee joint replacement surgery if your symptoms persist.

You can enjoy some gin-soaked raisins — or even take up beekeeping — to help reduce joint pain without leaving home. For stubborn, lasting symptoms, some considerations about prep for surgery and necessary surgical procedures may be necessary.

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