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Relieve Knee Joint Pain At Home | Dr Christopher Meckel, MD
Articles Relieve Knee Joint Pain At Home

Relieve Knee Joint Pain At Home

knee joint replacement surgeryKnee joint replacement surgery is the most common joint replacement procedure these days, followed closely by hip joint replacement surgery. Just last year, U.S. men and women underwent 719,000 knee joint replacement surgeries, with the majority of these patients falling between the ages of 50 and 80. Before it comes to replacing knee joints altogether, there are several steps Americans can take to relieve pressure on their joints — and sometimes ultimately strengthen their knees. Here’s what you can do.

Drop Any Extra Pounds
“Every pound you gain is the equivalent of four pounds of pressure on your knees,” The American Grandparents Association (AGA) writes. Many of us say that we’re going to lose a few extra pounds — whether we put them on in college, after getting married, or even during some particularly festive holidays. Only a few Americans actually do it. If you are experiencing crippling knee and/or joint pain, excess weight may be part of the problem. Shedding pounds will result in less pressure on your knees, which means you will feel less pain.

A few words of caution: always exercise carefully — and with sensitive knee joints in mind. For example, instead of running on concrete or asphalt roads, choose an elliptical at the gym. Biking can be especially forgiving on painful joints; if you are using a stationary bike, make certain not to turn up the resistance too high — this can also aggravate sensitives knees. Lower intensity exercise for longer periods of time may be your best bet for losing weight and ultimately avoiding preparation for surgery and knee joint replacement.

You Don’t Need To Be In A Car Accident To Reap The Benefits Of Physical Therapy
Many Americans believe that physical therapy is for people who have been in serious accidents — and people who are in and out of the hospital — only. That’s not necessarily true. You can practice your own sort of physical therapy at home to relieve knee joint pain. Some simple stretches and exercises can give you dramatic results. Start small, with exercises like the short quad arc. (Sit on the floor with your legs out. Bend your knees slightly, and place a towel underneath them. Slowly raise the lower half of your leg, lower it down again, and repeat.) You can always search for in-depth, instructional videos online.

Prep for surgery, elbow joint replacement surgery, and knee joint replacement surgery are no joke. Do what you can to avoid major surgeries by shedding extra pounds and doing stretches to strengthen knee joints. (If you ultimately need the surgery, it’s okay! Ninety percent of patients report significantly less pain after knee joint replacement surgery.)

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