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Are You Making Your Knee Pain Worse? | Dr Christopher Meckel, MD
Articles Are You Making Your Knee Pain Worse?

Are You Making Your Knee Pain Worse?

knee joint replacement surgeryBack pain and the resulting conditions are the number one reason people all over the world file disability claims. As many as 719,000 U.S. men and women had knee joint replacement surgery just last year, and another 332,000 underwent hip joint replacement surgery, also in 2013. In other words, chronic pain is pretty much the norm in the U.S. — but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are several everyday objects and actions that trigger or worsen chronic pains unnecessarily, and Americans can help treat symptoms by avoiding them or altering them whenever possible. Here are just a few.

Don’t Wear Flip Flops If You Have Bad Knees
It is almost time to retire your flip flops until spring — but, if you suffer from recurrent leg and knee pain, you may want to consider ditching them for good. Flip flops are flat and provide zero arch support. That makes them harmful for wear for long stretches of time — even if they seem deceptively comfortable.

The Dangers Of Your Cubicle And Office Chair
Office chairs have been getting a lot of flack lately — with numerous headlines professing that they are responsible for Americans’ sedentary lifestyles and increasing obesity rates. Now your workstation is under fire for an entirely different reason: it can easily cause persistent back and joint pain. 

“A poorly positioned chair can cause you to slouch forward, straining the back and neck. A monitor that’s too low or too high will also strain the neck,” WebMD writes. A flat keyboard can also result in significant wrist pain. To help alleviate pain and avoid preparation for surgery or total hip replacement surgery, make sure chairs are the proper height. If you cannot adjust the height of your chair, adjust the height of your monitor or computer equipment. Use angled keyboards or wrist braces to curb joint pain while typing.

When all is said and done, 95% of Americans patients are highly satisfied with shoulder joint replacement surgery, knee joint replacement surgery, and similar reconstructive surgeries. It does not have to get to that point, however. Choose footwear carefully, and keep your health in mind when organizing and arranging your work space.

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