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What To Expect When Recovering From Orthopedic Surgery | Dr Christopher Meckel, MD
Articles What To Expect When Recovering From Orthopedic Surgery

What To Expect When Recovering From Orthopedic Surgery

orthopedic surgeryEvery year, more than 719,000 Americans get knee joint replacement surgery. Knee joint replacement is among the most common types of orthopedic surgery, and — after all is said and done (i.e. after preparation for surgery and the operation is over) — most replacements (85%) effectively replicate natural movement and motions for more than 20 years! Ninety percent of patients even report improved mobility and a significant decrease in pain, after the initial surgical prep, operation (or operations), and first few weeks of recovery are over. What are some tips and tricks to help speed up recovery — and help recovery after knee joint replacement go as smoothly as possible?

Give Yourself Time To Heal
There are some things you should expect immediately after surgery. While it can vary from patient to patient and you should keep close tabs with your doctor and/or surgeon, symptoms like swelling are completely normal for some time. Nearly all patients may be in a wheelchair or on crutches for a minimum of one to 10 days. Patients should expect all of these things and expect some difficulties. Remember to work with a doctor and/or physical therapist to regain and/or retain as much mobility and muscle as possible.

Surround Yourself With Support
Recovery from major surgery, such as orthopedic surgery, is one of the most critical times to surround yourself with support. If possible, let family and friends take care of you as much as they are willing. (You can always return the favor some day!) Having someone over to help with household chores that may involve bending and dynamic movement can be immensely helpful, especially during the early stages of recovery. Also consider looking into local support groups or even online communities for people who have had knee joint replacement and hip joint replacement surgery. Talking to others who are having the same experiences can help with everyday frustrations and trials.

Recovering from knee joint replacement surgery won’t be easy, even if the eventual results are more than worth it. Remember, some time in crutches as well as some swelling and discomfort is more than normal. Give yourself time to heal, and surround yourself by family, friends, and others who know exactly what you are feeling.

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